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We’ve come up with a yearly program for members and vendors to help us with the enhancement of BHH.  The good news: This program will keep member fee increases to a minimum, along with increasing revenues to continue making major improvements to BHH.

Each year, we’ll outline projects to better our golf course and venue.   Then we’ll ask for a pledge or donation from our members as individuals, or from their businesses if they so choose.

Here are the (4) donation levels: 

  • Bronze: $100
  • Silver: $250
  • Gold: $500
  • Platinum: $1000

In recognition of your generosity, we’ll post your name on a memorial sign at the location of each enhancement project to which you donate.

This year’s projects are exciting!

We’ll beautify our Wedding Ceremony area with a 5 ft wide cement walkway, tinted a tan color, ending at a 20 ft. cement pad, tinted with the same tan color with a cedar trellis embedded in cement. A man-made hill with BHH boulders on top with dark brown mulch along the side of walkway towards the water.  We’ll also pore a pad between trees by #9 green for a bench.  This spot will be used for wedding pictures, and as a member’s casual conversation area.

All these improvements will be done by Mark and our grounds crew.  Not only is Mark a terrific Superintendent, he is an experienced mason. Utilizing him on this project will keep the cost down by approximately 2 and 1/2 times.  Of course, that’s a huge savings to us.

We’ll also add a new fountain to the pond by #9 green.  The fountain will help to push water toward the lake and keep stagnant pond water moving.  Of course just as important, the new fountain will be an impressive sight to golfers and patrons as they enter BHH.

Lastly, we’ll barter with landscape vendors to work with us:  Their services in return for advertising (their signage will be placed on our flower beds around the clubhouse).

Any excess money raised will be kept in a separate “enhancement project account”. We’ll use those funds on future enhancement projects from year to year.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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